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Nine ski resorts for over 200 kilometres of runs with 78 working lifts. Programmed snow making systems to almost totally guarantee skiing. Breath-taking scenery, refuges and mountain huts for a totally relaxing mountain experience.


Few alpine ski districts condense as much snow technology as Val di Fassa’s nine ski resorts. 78 extremely modern lifts, comfortable and fast to make the wait shorter, programmed snow making systems with over 700 working snow cannons that almost entirely guarantee skiing from the beginning of the season and quality slopes with the advantage of safety and maximum slope access. Typically, the pistes are prepared with extreme care in the evening to ensure excellent conditions on every run for the following day.

Val di Fassa’s ski lift company is one of the local tourist industry’s leading figures. At the beginning of the seventies they were already the primary references for the development of local tourism. From the old winch sledge installed (amongst the very first in the alps) at Belvedere di Canazei in the thirties, through to cable cars with double cables, to the sophisticated computer programmed snow systems, then the cable cars and chair lifts with today’s automatic detachable grip and the electronic reading of ski passes that thanks to the use of the microchip allow skiers to pass freely onto the lifts.

The result is modern ski area, endowed with safety and guaranteed skiing. Those who buy a week’s ski pass in Val di Fassa are certain to fully exploit the offer, having amongst other things the opportunity to change ski resort each day, making a choice based on their individual needs. There are ski resorts suitable for families with young children (Catinaccio, Buffaure, Ciampac, San Pellegrino), as well as extremely technical runs for the more advanced skier.

Skiing under the sun before mountains of such rare beauty could be the incipit of skiing in Val di Fassa. Therefore skiing to gain a full appreciation of the surrounding environment, whilst in a complete state of relax and enjoying the benefits of a mountain holiday to the full.

A distinctive element of Val di Fassa’s skiing offer is the opportunity to ski in a different resort each day tackling more or less long carousels suitable to ski with your skis on, starting from the inevitable “Tour of the four passes”, Sellaronda, passing through the “Tour of the Great War” to the “Tour of the Trevalli”.

It is therefore possible to choose a different route each morning to be reached by the valley’s ski bus service. The comfortable and fun small trains are also available from a few stations to back up public transport.

In Val di Fassa you can ski with the Val di Fassa/Carezza, Trevalli or Dolomiti superski ski passes that guarantee all round ski access to all the connected zones. Each ski area offers its own pistes plus possible connections within the surrounding area. Canazei, including the Belvedere – Passo Pordoi area, Ciampac and Fedaia – Marmolada; Campitello the area of Col Rodella and Passo Sella, Vigo and Pozza di Fassa, the Catinaccio, Aloch and Buffaure areas and Carezza connected to Nova Levante; Moena, Lusia with connections towards Bellamonte, Passo San Pellegrino as far as Falcade.

Skiers can find 200 kilometres of pistes suitable for skiing with a 90% coverage due to the programmed snow making systems, 78 lifts: 7 large and 6 small cable cars, 39 chair lifts, 26 ski lifts with a total hourly capacity of 103.866 people.

As well as alpine skiing, Val di Fassa offers its guests over 70 kilometres of cross-country pistes divided into circuits and tracks of varied length and difficulty. There are two circuits at high altitude: Alba di Canazei on Ciampac at an altitude of 2142 m, excellent skiing conditions guaranteed until the end of the season and beyond; in addition, there is also the Alochet cross-country centre at Passo San Pelligrino between 1770 and 1850 metres above sea level. Other circuits in the valley allow the free practise of the sport as well as the opportunity to learn the technique thanks to numerous teachers in this discipline. Fiemme and Fassa’s Marcialonga has taken place on the last Sunday in January for over thirty years and represents a classic event for all those passionate about the sport. This year it is also included in the international circuit of the FIS Nordic Cup. The “Ciancoal” circuit at Pozza di Fassa has a programmed snow making system that ensures maximum skiing conditions as well as also being accessible by night due to a modern lighting system.

There are 5 ski schools in Val di Fassa with over 230 teachers, most teaching the many variations of alpine skiing, from snowboarding to carving and telemark to excursion skiing. Their professionalism constitutes a vital element of the winter tourist offer for those who want to learn or improve their skiing technique, with the choice of individual lessons or group courses. You may otherwise choose a teacher simply for the pleasure of being accompanied through the great carousels with skis on your feet, on the trail of the many secret and enchanted places of the Dolomites in winter. In addition, the ski schools have a very important role in the teaching and aid of children offered by organisations called ‘Kinderland” alternatively in equipped play areas called “Snow Parks”. These are authorised nurseries on the slopes, to look after children from the morning to the afternoon, providing assistance, entertainment and a practical introduction to skiing.

The range of choice for ski lovers is vast: from the easiest to the most difficult routes that always have the incredible alpine environment of the Val di Fassa as a backdrop. However, these are excursions and off-piste slopes to be tackled with the utmost care, possibly also accompanied by an alpine guide and after having gathered all information concerning the snow consistency and weather conditions. There is also a network of winter walks to be completed either by foot or with snowshoes that have a setting of forest paths and tracks shrouded in snow. There are many points to stop for refreshments in altitude, along the most visited mountain paths, where you can eat a snack or have a light lunch without needing to return to the hotel.

In the evening, on the other hand, it is difficult to resist the temptation to eat dinner in a quaint restaurant or refuge accompanied by many dishes from Ladino cuisine. Places to be visited maybe with skis on your feet or with the snow cats.

Modern infrastructures and an effectively organised ski and all other winter sports offer corresponds to a reciprocal division of high quality capable of satisfying, with over 50,000 beds, the most diverse expectations for both the Italian and foreign demand. A characteristic element of the Val di Fassa ski offer is a more than balanced relationship between price and service quality guaranteed to its guests, linked to an enjoyment and environment that has made Val di Fassa one of the most sought after winter tourist destinations.

The traditional white week is very sought after in these mountains both for the skier and those who do not ski, because it has so much to offer non-skiers, where relaxing, the scenery and physical regeneration are the crucial elements of a mountain experience suitable for the most varied personal needs.

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