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A few kilometres from Moena, the peace and quiet of Soraga's stupendous surroundings are one of the greatest appeals for anyone wishing to spend a really relaxing holiday. A small village endowed with every comfort and able to offer anything the guest requires, thanks to a number of infrastructures which make it complete and therefore particularly desirable. It takes only a few minutes for alpine skiing enthusiasts to reach the nearby ski areas. For Nordic skiers instead, there are matchless opportunities on the cross country ski circuit close to the village.


Val di Fassa takes up the north-eastern end of Trentino region, it is run through by stream Avisio and surrounded by the most famous and spectacular Dolomitic peaks, such as Sella, Sassolungo, Catinaccio, Torri del Vajolet and Marmolada.

These mountains are unique for their geological conformation: born from the sea about 250 million years ago, the Dolomites were transformed by ice and wind, which shaped their rocks creating the overhanging walls, the standing towers and the sharp needles characterizing these mountains, which have always been a source of wonder, a favourite destination of rock climbers and the inspiration for old, enthralling legends. The uniqueness of the Dolomitic landscape of Fassa is further emphasized at sunset, when the sunrays exalt the outline of the mountains and seem to light their rocks; in their warm red colour, the latter produce a phenomenon known as "Enrosadira", which keeps surprising people for its extraordinary charm.

In the surroundings: sports centre with ski-jumps and Olympic cross-country stadium, cultural centre, golf course, gym, swimming pool, Alpine guides, skiing and climbing school, horse-riding, ice stadium, tennis courts, Ladin museum and evening events.

Valle di Fassa lies in the north-east part of Trentino on the borders of the province of Bolzano (Alto Adige) and Belluno (Veneto). The river Avisio flows through the valley and it is surrounded by the most spectacular and famous Dolomite peaks, such as the Sella Group, Sassolungo, and the Catinaccio with the Torri del Vajolet and the Marmolada. Val di Fassa is in fact synonymous with the Dolomites, also called "Monti Pallidi". The shape of these mountains is unique and geologically speaking they rose out of the sea around 250 million years ago. Then ice and wind modelled the rocks creating the steep walls, towering spires and daring pinnacles typical of these mountains which have always been a source of wonder, a favourite destination of rock climbers and the inspiration of old and convincing legends. The architect Le Corbusier described the Dolomites as "the most beautiful construction in the world". The attraction of the Fassa Dolomites is further enhanced at sunset when the sun’s rays seem to set the rocks alight and they turn a warm red colour creating the phenomenon called "Enrosadira", the extraordinary beauty of which never fails to cause astonishment.

Val di Fassa conserves all the charm of a land where nature has created an environment of incomparable beauty which the local population are extremely proud of and which they make every effort to protect, as they do their customs and traditions. In fact the valleys around the Sella Group in Val di Fassa conserve the Ladin language and culture.

The Ladin cultural institute, in Vigo di Fassa, houses the Museum of Ladin Culture (Museo della Cultura Ladina) with a rich collection of exhibits evidence of the peculiarities of this population.

Thanks to the attraction of the Dolomite landscape, Valle di Fassa has become an internationally known tourist resort.

40 Km from the capital of the province: 86 Altitude: 1212 m slm Zip Code: 38030  Soraga di Fassa


Main access roads coming from the A22 Brennero motorway:
exit ORA/EGNA: SS 48 delle Dolomiti - Passo San Lugano - Val di Fiemme - Val di Fassa (45 km distance)
exit BOLZANO NORD: SS241 Grande Strada delle Dolomiti - Passo Costalunga - Val di Fassa (37 km distance)

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